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This is Ziyi Guo, a third year student studying in Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. I plan to apply for a PHD position in the term of 2023 Fall. My general interests lie in System Security, currently focusing on OS Kernel Security and Container Security for several years.

Currently, I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Qi Li as a Research Intern. And, I also work closely with Yi He@THU-NISL who helps me a lot.

Also, I have rich System Security experiences both in industrial community and academic community, including at

And I have attended many CTF Contests, including DEFCON 29 CTF World Final & Quals as a member of r3kapig. During these contests, I focus on Pwn challenges which help me cultivate my Vulnerabilities Discovery ability and Fuzzing ability.

Lastly, I have great enthusiasm about debuging and figuring out many hard problems, especially for OS Kernel and other low-level Computer System things.


One Working paper with NISL@THU, focusing on Container Offense and Escaping, via Kernel.


Important CTFs:

  • 2021/08 DEFCON 29 CTF finalist, global 15th
  • 2021/05 DEFCON 29 CTF Quals, global 5th
  • 2021/08 Google CTF Quals, global 35th
  • 2020/08 XCTF-WMCTF, international First Prize
  • 2021/07 “QiangWang Cup”(强网杯) National Cyber Security Competition, finalist, national 3rd Prize
  • 2021/05 “QiangWang Cup”(强网杯) National Cyber Security Competition, Quals, national 3rd Prize(14/3156)
  • 2021/07 National Information Security and Countermeasures Contest, national Second Prize
  • 2020/07 National Information Security and Countermeasures Contest, national Second Prize
  • 2020/09 National College Student Information Security Contest CTF Competition Final, national 3rd Prize
  • 2020/08 National College Student Information Security Contest, regional Grand Prize
  • 2020/05 “China Software Cup(中国软件杯)” Software Design Competition for College Students, national 3rd Prize
  • etc.


  • 2021 Special Scholarship from Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., Japan.
  • 2021 Cyber Security Special Scholarship in Sichuan University.
  • 2020 Third Scholarhip in Sichuan University.
  • etc…


2019/09 ~ 2023/09

Cyber Security, Sichuan University.

Overall GPA: 3.6/4.0


2022/02 ~ Now

  • Research Intern in NISL@THU(清华大学网络与信息安全实验室)

2021/11 ~ 2022/03

2021/06 ~ 2021/10

  • Kernel-Dev Project Intern in ISCAS and Huawei 2012 OS Lab(中国科学院软件研究所,华为2012实验室操作系统实验室)

2021/02 ~ 2021/06

  • OS Security Research Intern in StarCross Technology(星澜科技)


Moderator in Chinese biggest system security technology forum, Kanxue (看雪论坛-版主): https://bbs.pediy.com/user-home-876323.htm


If you have interests/problems about me, no matter my personal experiences or others, please feel free to communicate with me.

E-mail: guoziyi114@gmail.com

Wechat: ScUpax0s



Yuqiang Sun@Nanyang Technological University

Yixin Wu@CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Yukun Jiang@CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security

Yuzhou Fang@Chinese University of Hong Kong

Peiran Wang@Tsinghua University

Artificial Intelligence:

Haojie Jia@Iowa State University

Kai Zhang@Ohio State University